What Is The Difference Between Belt, Screw and Chain Drive Garage Door Openers

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A garage door always seems like a simple thing because it is just a way to get easy access to the garage. It is specially designed to shelter cars or other equipment. The benefit of the garage door is to save your cars from burglars. Many years ago, people used simple wooden or rolling doors. But now, the technology has raised their limitations and invents a remote control garage doors and key less garage doors to add more convenience and ease in your life. These garage door opener have a mechanized device to allow you enter and exit the door by just pressing a button. Whereas most of the door openers seem like the same garage for an average person, but it is not true. There is many garage door openers are available, but the most popular and recommended door openers are chain driven, screw driven and belt driven.


Now, you may have a question that what is the difference between three of them. So, let’s discuss it.

Chain Driven: Chain driven garage doors works like a belt driven door. Once when you press the button, the door opens with the use of a chain, which allows the door to get up and down. These kinds of garage doors are louder than a screw driven and belt driven. It may the major drawback of chain driven for those people, who want to have quieter doors. These chain driven doors may noisy, but it is very cheap than other doors.  It may be the best option for those who have small shops or store.

Screw Driven: Screw driven garage doors works with a screw to open the garage door. It means when you activate the motor, screws turns and pull the door. Numerous people believe that screw driven doors are better than others because it can easily maintain. These types of garage doors are self-lubricating, and it also considered as a mid grade door opener solution. It is less loud than chain driven. Screw driven doors have less moving parts, which enhances its flexibility.

Belt Driven: A belt driven door opener may be the perfect choice for any residential garage. It is very much alike to the chain driven. The only difference is that whenever you hit the trigger, the door will be open by using its belt system that can pull the door up. This door may be suitable for those garages, which is placed in the base of the house. As screw, driven doors, belt driven are also quieter than chain driven. Even we can say that it is more than quietest than other doors.  It also considered as the most expensive door opener.  But still, it has a high demand in the market.


Selecting a garage door is depending on your requirements. You can go to my garage opener website and select the best garage door opener for your garage.if you are seeking for a quieter door then go to the screw driven door.  If you want to pay little and have no worry about the noise, use chain driven, and if you want to spend less but want a quiet garage door then belt driven is made for you. All three of garage door openers are designed to fulfill everyone’s requirements.


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